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Blue Lace Agate 蓝丝玛瑙

United States, India, Morocco, Czech Repblic, Brazil, Africa

美国,印度, 摩洛哥,捷克,巴西,非洲

Physical Properties 



- A wonderful healing stone
- Cools, calms, and brings peace of mind through its soft energy
- Allows free expression of thoughts and feelings
- Neutralize anger
- Counteracts repressed and suppressed feelings that stem from fear of being judged and rejected


- 一块神奇的治疗石
- 通过其柔和的能量给予放松和平静并带来身心平静
- 允许自由表达思想和感情
- 平息愤怒
- 消除因害怕被评判和拒绝而产生的压抑和压抑的情绪

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