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The Stone of Wealth 财富之石 : Citrine 黄水晶

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Commonly known as the birthstone of November, do you know that Citrine brings joy and is one of the few stones that attracts wealth?

Source: Wix, Unsplash


Originating from the Latin word citrina, citrine got this name because of its pale yellow citrusy colour. At one point in time, it was called the "sun stone" as people thought it was able to hold sunlight. Another interesting information is, due to its colour, people once associated it with gold, and, thereafter, it is known as the merchant's stone. Citrine is considered the stone of the Messenger God, Mercury, by the Romans and was used to carve intaglios.

Belonging to the quartz family, Citrine is a type of transparent, pale-yellow to yellowish brown or smoky grey-brown crystal. Its colour is due to the presence of the element, iron.

Due to its attractive colour, high clarity, durability and relatively friendly pricing; it is one of the most frequently purchased gem. The addition into the birthstone list in 1952 further increased its popularity.

With such a wide colour range, Citrine can be further described as yellow, orangey-yellow, yellowish orange, and brownish orange. Pricing is affected by colour and the extent of inclusions within the final product. Stones of pale colour, due to its abundance, are usually less expensive; whereas, those of rich and uniform in colour are considered rare and valuable.

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