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November Birthstone 十一月诞生石

The month of November has arrived! Since many many months ago, I've been wanting to introduce gems and crystals according to the Birth Month. However, was either held up or forgot. Hence, decided to start on this long overdue project. And since it is now November, I shall introduce the two main gems and/or crystals, Citrine and Topaz, over the next few days.

If you have any queries, do DM!

十一月已经到来了! 从很多很多个月以前,我一直想根据出生月份分享不同的宝石和水晶。 然而,要么被搁置,要么被遗忘。 因此,今天决定开始。 由于现在是 11 月,我将在接下来的几天内介绍两种主要的宝石和/或水晶:黄水晶和黄玉(托帕石)。


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