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About Us


纯天然 。 诚信。

We provide natural, non-chemically dyed and bleached treasures. To us, Natural is simply turning treasures found in Nature into the desired design via carving and polishing.

​在 TREAUSRECOVEONLYSG,我们只提供天然、无化学漂白/加色的宝贝。​对我们来说,自然就是通过巧妙的雕刻把自然界的珍宝变成一件件特别又具有艺术感或纪念性的珍品


Our Story

TREASURECOVEONLYSG was created out of our founder's love in nature treasures; and her disappointment in the wide availability of Chemically-Treated treasures in the market. She aren't ashamed to share that she had bought fake jade pieces at exorbitant prices before. Due to her own experience, she decided to only provide natural, non-chemical treated treasures.

TREASURECOVEONLYSG 是基于我们的创始人对天然珍品的热爱而创建的。她对在市场上泛滥成灾的化学处理宝石、玉器、水晶、木材,感到失望。她并不羞于告诉大家,她年轻时也曾以过高的价格购买过假玉。也因那次的经理,当她有幸入行,她决定只提供天然、非化学处理的天然珍宝,如翡翠、琥珀、蜜蜡、沉香、檀香、水晶、珠宝、和香品。

Meet The Team

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