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Since 2008, Treasure Cove Only has created an In-House Instalment Plan (IHIP). We have always understand that it is not easy to afford some of the most beautiful pieces, and some customers prefer to spread their payments so as to lighten their load. Thus, IHIP was created to satisfy the needs and wants of all. 

Our intention is for everyone to have the chance and the ability to afford, collect, own and pass down their favourite nature treasures.

In-House Instalment Plan: Policies

What is In-House Instalment Plan (IHIP)?

In-House Instalment Plan (IHIP) is a plan created by Treasure Cove Only to allow you to pay in instalments for the item you love and would very much want to collect and own.

In-House Instalment Plan: Text

How does IHIP works?

Upon selecting the item you wish to reserve or pay instalments, kindly contact us at +65 6254 5585, or use the feedback form under "CONTACT". We will then create an instalment plan for the said item and the unique IHIP number and an image of the IHIP will be provided to you for your reference.

Items that is reserved or under instalment will be taken down from our physical store and online store, wrapped and kept aside, so that no one else will get to touch it. Meanwhile, Treasure Cove Only will not show pieces under IHIP to others, only the person who created the IHIP is allowed to view and collect the item. If you wish for delegate another person to collect for you, kindly notify us beforehand, and give us a photo of the person collecting. 

Upon completion of IHIP, customer will be given the original copy of the IHIP, and Treasure Cove Only will keep the 2 carbon copies for our accounting and record purpose. 

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How can I pay my IHIP?

You may either pay in Cash, NETS, Credit Cards at our physical store in Fu Lu Shou Complex #02-24, or pay through our Online Store > Pay to my In-House Instalment Plan, and select the amount you wish to pay.

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How much should I pay each time? And what is the frequency of payment?

Customer is advise to pay a minimum of $50 or 10% of the item price, whichever is higher for their first deposit.

For items less than $800,  customers is free to decide the amount for subsequent payments. For items more than $800, Treasure Cove Only would discuss with customer on the appropriate amount to be paid per month. 

Customers are advised to pay the item on monthly basis. However, we understand each has their own difficulty, thus we do not dictate a payment interval. Kindly note that your IHIP will expire 6 months after the last payment.

If you face some problems and has difficulty paying for the item, kindly visit our store at Fu Lu Shou Complex #02-24, or call us at +65 6254 5585  so that we can arrange something for you. 

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Is there a dateline for my IHIP?

The dateline of IHIP is 6 months after the last payment. Treasure Cove Only will  contact you before cancelling the instalment plan. If you are not contactable, we will presume that you are no longer interested in the item and will proceed to cancel it. All monies paid before shall not be refundable.

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What happens if my IHIP lapsed?

Kindly contact us at +65 8686 9343 with your IHIP plan number to check if we have cancelled your plan. If the said item is still available, we can reinstate the plan for you. However, if the plan is lapsed for 1 year or more, Treasure Cove Only reserves the right to choose not to reinstate the plan.

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Can I change the item under my IHIP?

Each customer is given a maximum of 2 chance to change.

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Can I cancel my IHIP and use the money on something else?

Customers who took up IHIP may cancel their IHIP any time within the 6 months from the last payment date.

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If you have any questions on our IHIP program, kindly call us at +65 8686 9343, or email to us at

In-House Instalment Plan: Text
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