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Services | 我们的服务

Since 2007, TREASURECOVEONLYSG | TCOS has been providing restringing, custom string design, and custom setting services to our customers. In 2016, with much success in analysing the circumstance of enquirers, we began to provide Elemental Balancing , Bazi Analysis and Fengshui Consultation officially.


Stringing & Design 

Transforming each treasure into beautiful piece of custom accessories befitting of individual styles and providing ease for daily wear. 



Loving that one piece and wearing it forever, what you need is constant restringing. 


Custom Setting Service

Transforming each treasure into beautiful piece of fine jewellery set in precious metal, such as gold and silver.


Elemental Balancing

When life is a little off, or gets harder, and you wonder if anything can help to ease off, even by a bit. 


Bazi Analysis

To understand and prethe possible rise and fall ahead is never a thing of the past. It is a tool enabling us to plan better.



When results from our personal utmost effort is pale, we look into our immediate space and built environment to seek an answer. 

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