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Which Finger Should I Wear My Rings?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Recently, many ring-searching customers asked a common question: "Which finger should I wear this ring on?"

First and for most, at different point in time, all of us have different sets of issues or worries to deal with. The natural, non-chemically-treated, treasures (i.e. jade, crystal, wood, gems) which you happen to buy at that point in time would usually coincide with your "purpose/need". Therefore, you should correlate that purpose/need of yours with the finger relating to that issues/worries.

Without further a do, we shall look into which finger represents which general area of concern in life:

  1. Thumb 拇指:Inner Self 内在

  2. Index Finger 食指:Career 事业

  3. Middle Finger 中指:Wealth 财富

  4. Ring Finger 无名指:Relationships 人缘、交际

  5. Little Finger 尾指:Outside 外部

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