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Material: Rhodochrosite, 18k Rose Gold 

Style : Small Pendant

Shape: Heart-shaped

Size : 13 * 11 * 6 mm

Weight : 1.88g





尺寸:13 * 11 * 6 mm


18kR Rhodochrosite Heart-shape Small Pendant 18k玫瑰金心型红纹石小吊坠 (P11180171)

SKU: P11180171
  • A representation of selfless love and compassion, Rhodochrosite is a stone for the heart and relationships which imparts a dynamic and positive attitude. It attracts soulmate which helps and enables us to grow and learn our lessons in life. It also help us to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down; and removes denial. (Read more here)

  • 红纹石代表无私的爱和同情与怜悯,也是有益心灵和人际关系的宝石,对感受不到爱的人特别有效。它能引导甘青的自然流露,鼓励人们积极追求心中所爱。 同时,它在吸纳痛苦情感,治疗性虐待方面也有超群卓越的功效。它还能为人们带来能帮助我们体验生命的灵魂伴侣。(阅读更多...)

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