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Material: black magic wood beads, 999G black design bead

Style: bracelet

Shape: round, cylindrical

Size: approx. 13mm



材料: 黑金刚, 黑纹千足金

款式: 手串


珠子尺寸: 约13mm


Black Magic Wood + 999G Custom Bracelet


    Do you know that we have an In-House Instalment Program called IHIP?

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    NOTE:   Kindly DM us for price of items listed as $0.00. Any purchase of $0.00 items will be regarded as invalid.

    All gems, jade, amber, wood and crystals sold by TREASURECOVEONLYSG are natural and non-chemically dyed or bleached.  Photos may vary from actual product due to camera and screen used. 

    You may visit our retail store at Fu Lu Shou Complex #02-24, Singapore 188425 to view actual piece.

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