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Material : Brass 

Theme : Eight Buddhist Treasures (also known as Ashtamangala)

Style : Burner

Weight : 558.30g


Dimensions (W*H*D) : 8.1cm * 7.3cm * 8.1cm

Inner Diameter : 7.0cm

Inner Height : 3.2cm



It's said that when Buddha Sakyamuni was borned, the heaven offer eight treasures as celebratory gifts. The treasures are "Treasure Vase 宝瓶", "Parasol 华盖", "Pair of Fish 双鱼","Lotus 莲花","Conch Shell 右旋螺","Endless Knot 吉祥结","Victory Banner 尊胜幢",and the "Wheel of Dharma 法轮"


Each represents: 

  • Treasure vase 宝瓶 :Symbolizes long life, wealth and prosperity.
  • Parasol 华盖 : A symbol of protection from the suffering experienced in the lower realms of existence.
  • Pair of fish 双鱼 : Symbolizes moving freely and spontaneously, without fear of drowning in the ocean of suffering.
  • Lotus flower 莲花 : Emerging from the murky, muddy depths, growing towards the light and producing a pristinely white flower above the surface, lotus symbolizes the path towards enlightenment.
  • Conch shell 右旋螺 : Refers to the Buddha's teaching spreading in all directions like the sound of the conch trumpet, awakening his subjects from the deep slumber of ignorance.
  • Endless knot 吉祥结 : Symbolizes love and the intertwined unity of everything.
  • Victory banner 尊胜幢 :The symbol represents the Buddha's victory over the four hindrances in the path of enlightenment; pride, desire, disturbing emotions, and the fear of death.
  • Wheel of dharma 法轮: Represents Gautama Buddha and the Dharma teaching.

Eight Buddhist Treasure Brass Burner (DC11201529)

SKU: DC11201529
  • After cleaning off dust and dirt with a clean cloth, wipe a thin layer of oil on item to protect the surface. 

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