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Material: Blood AmberBead size: 6mmBlood Amber is a rare form of amber, and is highly prized for its rarity. It is known to absorb negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces. It brings stability to out life but also motivates our wish into drive to achieve it.Amber stimulates the intellect, clears depression, and promotes positive mental state and creative self-expression. It brings balance and patience and encourages decision-making. It also encourages peacefulness and develops trust.

Irregular Blood Amber Bracelet 随型血珀手串


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    NOTE:   All gems, jade, amber, wood and crystals sold by TREASURECOVEONLYSG are natural and non-treated, unless otherwise stated. Any treatments done to the item will be indicated under description. Photos may vary from product due to camera used and screen used. 

    You may visit our retail store at Fu Lu Shou Complex #02-24, Singapore 188425 to view actual piece.

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