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Main Stone : Natural Garnet, Oval-shaped

Size: approx. 6.0mm * 7.0mm (unable to measure depth of stone)


Material of Metal : s925 silver

Size of Ring : Free-size


Healing Properties 

- fortifies, activates, strengthens survival instinct

- brings courage and hope to seemingly hopeless situations

- sharpens perceptions of ourselves and others

- dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns and obsolete ideas

- bestowing self-confidence and controls anger

Natural Garnet s925 Ring (Free-size)

SKU: R01180118/116
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    1. Let the treasure run under running water for 5 to 10 seconds
    2. Let treasure rest on an open airy surface
  • We advise to cleanse your precious treasures after each wear. It may sound cumbersome, but, trust us, cleansing your treasures is definitely worth the effort!

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NOTE:   All gems, jade, amber, wood and crystals sold by TREASURECOVEONLYSG are natural and non-treated, unless otherwise stated. Any treatments done to the item will be indicated under description. Photos may vary from product due to camera used and screen used. 

You may visit our retail store at Fu Lu Shou Complex #02-24, Singapore 188425 to view actual piece.

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