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Material: Natural Jadeite Type 'A' Jade (Old Mine)

Origin: Myanmar

Colour: Faint Green

Variant: Icy

Style: Pendant

Size: 20mm * 47mm * 8.5mm


Carving: Parrot

Symbolism: Optimism, Valiant









尺寸:20 * 47 * 8.5 mm




Old Icy Type 'A' Jadeite Parrot Pendant 翡翠A货冰种老坑鹦鹉吊坠

SKU: YU09080323
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  • There are two broad categories of Jade: Jadeite Jade and Nephrite Jade. The former is known for being the hardier, thus it is more suitable for wearing. Further, due to its variety of colours and composition, it is often used as accessories for clothings.


    In the Chinese Culture, it is known to keep wearer from harm and brings harmony. It increases love and nurturing, and attract good luck and friendship. It stabilises personality, promotes self-sufficiency, and releases negative thoughts which soothes the mind. It also stimulates ideas and makes task seem less complex.

  • 在珠宝界内,玉有两大类:翡翠和软玉,而翡翠的硬度较高,所以更适合于佩戴,又因其丰富的色彩和成次所以常用于配搭服装。



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