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Tri-Colour Jadeite Type A Lotus bead Bracelet (12mm)

三彩翡翠莲花珠手串 (12mm)


Theme:: Lotus

Purpose: Fortune. Luck. Bliss. Harmony. Decision Making.




A rare and beautiful piece of Natural Jadeite (Type A) Tri-colour Lotus Bracelet, bringing blissfulness and happiness while appreciating it.


Jadeite is a protective stone that keeps wearer from harm and brings harmony. It is believed to change fortune and attract good luck. It also releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind, and stimulates ideas.


Green Jade - channels passion in constructive ways

Brown Jade - brings comfort and reliability

Lavender Jade - sets clear boundaries and teaches subtlety and restraint in emotional matters

White Jade - aids decision making and filters distractions

Tri-Colour Natural Jadeite Type A Lotus-bead Bracelet 三彩翡翠A货 莲花珠手串

SKU: YSZ09170510
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    NOTE:   All gems, jade, amber, wood and crystals sold by TREASURECOVEONLYSG are natural and non-treated, unless otherwise stated. Any treatments done to the item will be indicated under description. Photos may vary from product due to camera used and screen used. 

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