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A Better Life with Natural Treasures

Hi Everyone,

A one-man-show here taking photos, putting up products and updating this site. I seek your kind understanding and patience to gradually post up what we have in-store onto here. If you are looking for a particular item, kindly contact us at +65 8686 9343. Thank you!​


我们的网页是由店主女儿自己拍照、上载、并更新的,所以很不好意思,我们无法把店里所有的物品都放上网,请大家多包涵。如果您在寻找任何物品, 请联系我们的手机号码+65 8686 9343。​谢谢!

Our Collections 珍宝系列



纯天然 。 非化学处理 。诚信。

TREASURECOVEONLYSG was created out of our founder's love in nature treasures; and her disappointment in the wide availability of Chemically-Treated treasures in the market. She aren't ashamed to share that she had bought fake jade pieces at exorbitant prices before. Due to her own experience, she decided to only provide natural, non-chemical treated treasures.

In TREASURECOVEONLYSG, we only  provide natural, non-chemically treated treasures. To us, Natural is simply turning treasures found in Nature into the desired design via carving and polishing.

TREASURECOVEONLYSG 是基于我们的创始人对天然珍品的热爱而创建的。她对在市场上泛滥成灾的化学处理宝石、玉器、水晶、木材,感到失望。她并不羞于告诉大家,她年轻时也曾以过高的价格购买过假玉。也因那次的经理,当她有幸入行,她决定只提供天然、非化学处理的天然珍宝,如翡翠、琥珀、蜜蜡、沉香、檀香、水晶、珠宝、和香品。


在 TREAUSRECOVEONLYSG,我们只提供天然、非化学处理的宝藏。对我们来说,自然就是通过巧妙的雕刻把自然界的珍宝变成一件件特别又具有艺术感或纪念性的珍品

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About Us 关于我们

Meet The Team

Mdm Ng

Mdm Ng was an award-winning storybook illustrator in 1980s. With a combination of her talent and love for arts, love for natural treasures, and an opportunity, Mdm Ng started TREASURECOVEONLYSG in 2007.  Till this day, she still incorporates her talent and love into each creation.

黄女士是20世纪80年代获奖的儿童故事书插画家。2007年,她因一个机会、自身艺术上的天赋、和自身对天然宝石、矿石的喜爱,而开创了TREASURECOVEONLYSG。 直到今天,黄女士还是不遗余力地把天赋、喜爱融入进每样作品。

Calista, Joo

Calista, daughter of Mdm Ng, joined in 2015. With a natural talent in metaphysics, she has helped many with her basket of skills such as Bazi Reading, Fengshui, and knowledge on Healing Energies of Crystal and Stones.

2015年迎来了她女儿的加入。多年来,Calista 凭借其对玄学上的天赋、以及水晶矿石能量的知识,帮助了许多人。

Meet The Team


I have been with her for 5 years and above started as friend and visited the shop, subsequently she help me a lot by see my Bazi and my life has gradually change since than. I a contract staff a few years, recently I have been converted to perm staff really appreciate her help and she is very patience when I needed help from her. She will try to answer my questions no matter how busy she is, kudos to Joo Jia you your faithful follower.




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