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The Story of Our Name

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

If you are wondering why we have such a weird name... We are sharing our thoughts today.

And, for the observant ones, you will realize we had many tweaks in between!

- - - - -

In 2007, our shop was called ”Treasure Cove”. This name held a significant meaning to our founder, Mdm Ng, because they were from her sons. Though they were inspired from their favourite card game: Magic, The Gathering, Mdm Ng and Calista (Joo) gradually realise the coincidence and meaningfulness. On hindsight, this is perhaps the best gift.

In 2015, Mdm Ng's daughter, Calista (Joo), officially joined the business. Initially, she wanted to modernise the business. As time passes, she realised the way we interact and share our treasures is very different from most shops.

Apart from looking good and solely concerned on affordability, we are always concerned of the nature of our products. Are they natural? Are they enhanced? Are they treated in any manner? Are they worth it? etc. Further, we also hope for customers to truly appreciate the treasures and learn to take care of them. In all, we have a set of pretty unique believes and principle.

Throughout the last 2 to 3 years, Calista did think of many names. However, she just felt an innate fondness to the initial one, "Treasure Cove".

Gradually, with many turns and u-turns, TREASURECOVEONLYSG is created. It is a name of many meanings and interpretation; ranging from family fondness, name familiarity, a great illustration of our wide collections, and our motivation of creating a safe cove for people to seek their beloved treasures at ease and in peace.

Thank you for your time

Yours Sincerely,

Calista (Joo)



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