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Our Story with Energy, and Importance of Getting Natural and Non-Chemically-Treated Piece

Since few years back, we have been experimenting on crystal energy and us wearing them, and till today, I'm still experimenting. We aren't going too deep into this topic, just a general idea so that it is easier to understand. In all, I hope by writing this short article, I'm helping more people.

In the past, just like everyone else, gems, crystals, wood, amber and jade are just something we adore, we wear, we appreciate and we decorate with. However, in 2011, we were shared that crystals and all the treasures from nature has energy. The customer used her copper pendulum and showed us, and my mother and I were amazed. Because by using something simple, and if used correctly, it tell us and benefits so much more!

Realizing that we have one at home, we started using it on ourselves, our accessories, and our products, and subsequently experiment with our regulars' accessories. And nowadays, we share the concept with new customers!

Through the years, we came to realise that most treasures by nature emits positive energy, and usually those treated by chemicals emits negative energy. I don't know the science behind this, and am just stating the facts I see with my eyes, and the eyes of many others. If you think this is absurd, you can either ignore this post or explore on it before giving it a pass. (Yes, we have customers who are totally into physics and science, and they find it amazing too!)

The most amazing thing is that even if we managed to find a natural and non chemically-treated piece, after wearing it for prolong period, the piece may turn negative. After some thought, I feel that it could be due to our stress, emotions, etc. BUT, yet more amazing is that, after we cleanse properly, the piece would emit positive energy again!

From these experiences and experiments, I really can't help but emphasise on the importance of getting your favourite or most wanted nature treasures, be it jade, crystal, wood or gems, in their authentic, non chemically-treated form!

I hope you enjoy this short reading.




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